Non-Motorized Advisory Committee

The Non-Motorized Advisory Committee (NMAC) supports an integrated transportation system with a focus on non-motorized components within the Skagit County region. The purpose of the committee is to elicit a dialog between levels of government, public agencies and private groups, and to consider transportation alternatives which are cost effective and incorporate non-motorized modes of travel.


The NMAC is a subcommittee of SCOG’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), which is made of public works and planning staffs from SCOG member jurisdictions. The NMAC’s mission supports an integrated, effective, and affordable transportation system for Skagit County, emphasizing the system’s non-motorized components. Direct advice on non-motorized transportation planning is provided to the TAC as needed.


The NMAC also serves as a technical resource for local agencies in addressing non-motorized transportation issues. The NMAC works to educate officials, staff, and the public regarding best practices in non-motorized policies and projects, and to help implement them.

Active Communities

The NMAC encourages bicycling and walking to conduct the daily routines of life. The benefits of an active community include:

  • Good health
  • More Livable Communities
  • Economic Development
  • Reduced pollution and global warming emissions
  • Greater flexibility in the face of fluctuating gas prices
  • Reduced congestion
  • Reduced public and private expenses


In pursuit of these aims, the NMAC works with public and private bodies to make walking and bicycling safe, convenient and attractive. A major emphasis is creating connections and links that foster active transportation and working to remove barriers between and within our communities.





The Non-Motorized Advisory Committee helps develop and distribute Skagit County’s bicycling and walking maps. Learn more about these maps by visiting our Active Transportation Guides page.

Check local visitor’s centers or contact the SCOG office for paper copies of the maps.



The Non-Motorized Advisory Committee is tasked with assisting member organizations and volunteer groups with conducting bicycle and pedestrian counts in Skagit County. More information and data about bicycle and pedestrian counts can be found at the sites below:


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